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You should talk to your trusted local expert (like us) first before calling one of the large advertisers who "claim" they can solve all problems for pennies on the dollar.

If the IRS has been giving you trouble, our team of tax resolution specialists will help to put an end this misery. We pride ourselves on being very efficient and affordable while still maintaining strict confidentiality.

"Fred's tax advice has been spot on for us, and he really knows how to take care of his clients. He is always supportive when I need help with my taxes or retirement planning strategy."

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  • Wage Garnishment - The garnishment of wages by the IRS is a common occurrence as it’s only given after repeated letters and warnings about taxes owed.
  • Bank Levy - When you owe money to the IRS, it's essential that your taxes are paid on time. The worst thing that can happen when dealing with this situation would be losing property like cars or homes which have value far above what is owed in equity alone.
  • Threatening Letters - The IRS is not somebody you should ignore. If they are sending out threats, it's important to check the facts and write back with an explanation of any errors or omissions in their calculations so that there won't be trouble later on down the line.
  • IRS Audit Notification - Have you received a letter from the IRS? Don't panic! It's just an audit, and as with most things in life there are deadlines associated with these communications.
  • Non-Filing - What if you fail to file? - The IRS may substitute your return and refuse to let you save any money. As a result, they will void all of those deductions that are included in normal tax preparation, including things like personal exemptions or dependents on the excess side.

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